Leil chanayah, bekol dvarim, bis'chok, begedef
behamulat melachot hu kam, hineh hino
k'mo pnei ir niv'net
panav shel s'deh haketel
behitpares hamachaneh asher dino
lihyot shofech dam ha'adam umagino.

Leil chanayah, leil zemer, leil sh'chakim raku'a
leil rov m'lachot chof'zot, leil ed min had'vadim
leil shemosech et kishufah shel re'ut ru'ach
bevinyanah shel mam'lachah, leil nedudim
nitzav parus al hayachid vehag'dudim.

Mitoch ashmoret rishonah, bein chof vagev'a
hayah nish'kaf pit'om mar'eh hamilchamah
k'mo havai tzo'en, chavui yated vachevel
bo cherutam shel masa'ot vecherumam
bo hakelim vehachukot be'eirumam.

Leil chanayah, leil zemer...

Bo melitzat sismot hazman, asher lo parak
shirah tz'rufah ben ya'asok, chalilah lo
verak hazemer hanafutz, she'lo davar erech
ve'lo shayechet chemdah hu, yish'an bemilu
tzavachat tziv'av hacharifim al chalilo.

Al ahavah hu medaber (bah hu pote'ach)
ve'al chovah vek'rav ve'ol, hakol bechol
ein hu omer et zot bechol dakuyoteiha
shel hashirah, aval omer bekol gadol
bli morcha lev uvli chashash mipnei hazol.

Leil chanayah, leil zemer...

Et milchamah gam tzelem hadvarim ha'eleh
hayah tzalmah lekol zimrat pizmon to'ah
od yim'shechu hamah k'mo nimah michelek
nafsho shel dor, gam besadeh zro'ah
liz'kor, lo rak lera, yemei ra'ah.

Gam zeh neshalev bamilchamah kol zeh gam yachad
k'mo avachat aviv nim'sach
be'am mileil umish'charim.
Kol zeh mitel umig'dot nachal yihyeh
oleh biye'af vesham nikta bilel
shel ish zonek ve'ish yoreh ve'ish nofel,
shel ish zonek ve'ish yoreh ve'ish nofel...



Night of parking, things voiced, in laughter, in cursing
In the tumult of work he gets up, here is his pitcher
As the face of a city being built
so is the face of the killing field
The camp spreads whose sentence is
To spill manís blood and be his defender

Night of parking, night of song, night of stretched skies
Night of hurried works, night of steaming pots
night that screens the magic of soul camaraderie
In midst of building a kingdom, sleepless night
Standing spread over the single and the battalions.

From first watch, between beach and hill-side
the view of war suddenly is projected
as a gypsy folklore, hidden stake and rope
In it freedoms of travels and their emergency
In it the tools and laws in their nakedness.

Night of parking, night of song...

In it advocacy of time slogans, it didnít unload
purified poetry it will toil, god forbid
and only the widespread song, that is not valuable
and it is not jewelry, it will carry in full
the yelling of the sharp colors on its flute.

He is talking about love ( with love he starts)
and about duty and war and burden, all and all
He does not say that in all the nuances of the
poetry, but in loud voice
Without fear of heart and without worry from cheapening

Night of parking, night of song...

Time of war the image of these things
was the image of wondering sung poetry
like pulling a thread from candle wax
they will pull the soul of a generation, also in the field sow
To remember, not only for badness, awful days.

This too will be woven in war all this together
As though the push of spring it was veiled
in the nation from night and from dawns
All this from hill and the creek bank will come to be
It rises immediately and comes back cut off in a howl
of the man who dives a man who fires a man who is fallen,
of the man who dives a man who fires a man who is fallen...

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Natan Alterman
Yair Rosenblum
Chanan Yovel
Chanan Yovel, Yardena Arazi, Ephraim Shamir & Shlishiat Af Ozen Garon
Yardena Arazi
Sashi Keshet

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