Give this song as a gift to me
Like a prayer, to guide me constantly,
And from heart to heart
shall blossom the melody,
Like that drifting up from beautiful dreams.

Give me the tear that fell from your eye
I shall keep it like a dewdrop in my soul.
At the dawn of a new day shall I whisper thanks
For this hope that guides me.

Let me sense the light at the end of the tunnel,
Make a blessing on the day in which I laboured,
And please guard for me the child from all evil,
For this is the child I prayed for,
For this is the child I prayed for.

Let me have a quick embrace
To treasure over and beyond
as the apple of my eye,
And shine like a ray of light through the darkness;
Which I will join to a scarlet thread.

Give me the beauty we only just experienced,
And a heart large enough
to absorb what is before my eyes,
To reach out and touch the happiness
that lies at the edge of obscurity,
To accept with grace the eventuality.

Let me sense the light at the end of the tunnel


Tein li et hashir hazeh bematanah
Sheyelaveh oti tamid kemo tefillah,
Umilev lalev
tifrach hamanginah
Asher meichalomot yafim olah.

Tein et hadim'ah shemeinecha yardah,
Eshmor otah ke'eigel tal benishmati.
Bezricha shel yom chadash elchash todah
Latikvah hazot shemelaveh oti.

Tein lachush ba'or shebik'tzeh haminharah,
Tein berachah layom shebo amalti,
Ve'ana shemor li al hayeled mikol ra',
Ki layeled hazeh hitpallalti,
Ki layeled hazeh hitpallalti.

Tein et hachibuk shebazavit niglah.
Entzor oto ke'al
bavat einai,
Vehu ya'ir kemo keren or ba'afeilah,
Ekshor oto al chut shani.

Tein li hayofi shechavinu zeh 'atah
Veleiv rachav
liklot et hamar'ot
Laga'at ba'osher
shebektzeh ha'altah,
Bivrachah lekabeil et haba'ot.

Tein lachush ba'or shebik'tzeh haminharah

Hebrew words

Ilana Klein
Yoni Ro'eh
Chaim Israel
Oren Ashkenazi

Words transliterated and translated by Gila Ansell Brauner of Jerusalem, Israel.
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