Kol hakesem shelach
At yafah li,
At tovah li
Lo yacholti levakesh od shum davar
Bechayai, ma yesh lomar
Kol hasheket shelach
At natat li
At lakacht li Kol davar katan kaze
She’oseh li mar
Lakacht velo nish’ar

Metzayert li et chayai
She’ani argish ani
Ba li lechabek otach chazak
Tizkeri sherak

Hey ktanah balev rishonah
At yoda’at zo ota manginah
Oh ktana tamid rishonah,
Kol yom she’at iti
Nishbah lach,
Bishvili matana

Kol hachesed shelach
Natat li, hish’art li
Od chiyuch echad kazeh shelo nigmar

Kol hayofi shebach
At mar’ah li, metukah li
Biladayich lo yode’a lailah kar
At chalom shelo nigmar


All your charm
You are beautiful,
You are good to me
Couldn’t ask any more
I swear, what can I say
All your quietness
You gave to me
You took away every small thing
That made it bitter
You took and nothing is left

Painting my life for me,
So I will feel myself
I feel like hugging you tight,
So you remember

Hey, little one, first place in my heart
Between us,
You know it’s the same melody
Oh, little one, always first
I swear,
Everyday you are with me
Is a gift

All your grace
You gave me, you left in me
Another of these smiles that never ends
I still sing because of you
All your beauty
You show me, sweet to me
I don’t know a cold night without you
You are a dream that never ends


Hebrew words

Maor Edri and Avi Ochayon
Maor Edri
Maor Edri
Rafi Ziv
Circle 2016

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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