K'shehayinu yeladim
sichaknu bacholot al s'fat hamayim hak'chulim
ibadnu d'li shel pach vechaf shel pach
imam tzanchah, nash'rah dim'at yaldut
shel yeled mityape'ach
davar lo od...
davar lo od

K'shehayinu ne'arim
tiyalnu bacholot im ne'arot betal'talim.
Perach chen nafal, nishmat lachol,
imo halchah, abdah dim'at enut
shel na'ar mitpake'ach/mityape'ach
davar lo od...
davar lo od.

K'shehayinu bachurim
halachnu bacholot beneshek yeri chagurim.
Et ra vechaver nafal bachol,
bachol az nis'gefu dma'ot shot'kot
shel lev mevin, yode'a.
davar lo od...
davar lo od.

Vehineh yaldi gadal
veharuchot nos'ot itam cholot, galim galim,
al d'li shel pach shekvar avad bachol,
al ahavah...
ve'im chaver yipol
gam hu dim'ah yoridah.
davar lo od...
davar lo od...


When we were kids,
We played in the sand on
the edge of the blue water.
We lost a tin bucket and
a tin spoon
With them fell, a childhood
tear of a sobbing child fell.
Nothing more, nothing more.

When we were boys
We strolled in the sands
with girls in curls.
A flower of grace fell,
was dropped into the sand,
With it went, a tear of
a whimper of a sobbing
boy was lost.
Nothing more, nothing more.

When we were young guys,
we walked in the sand with
weapons firing belts.
A bad time, and a friend
fell into the sand. Thus
silent tears were absorbed
into the sand. A heart
understands, and knows.
Nothing more, nothing more.

And here my child grew up
And the winds carry the
same sands, waves, waves
On a tin bucket already lost
in the sand, about love...
And if a friend should fall,
He, too, will shed a tear.
Nothing more, nothing more.

כשהיינו ילדים

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

Uri Asaf
Moshe Wilensky
Yafah Yarkoni
Shoshanah Damari
Aliza Azikri
Arik Sinai

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Howard Wachtel of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
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