Bakasbah bachatzi hayom
k'shehashuk patu'ach
hayiti kachah stam holech
vehachazeh matu'ach
kulam omrim eizeh kanon
over basimta'ot

osim shalom mikol chalon
kol hakavod!

Kulam hayu yod'im az tov me'od
lemi lemi - yesh yoter kavod
kulam hayu yo'dim az tov me'od
lemi lemi, tamid lemi - yesh yoter kavod.

Uch'shehakrav hayah bo'er
vehakitah lo zazah
hamefaked hayah omer:
"ata rishon ya kazah!"
Kulam yad'u shekazablan
rishon tamid litz'od
ume'achor hem tza'aku:
"kol hakavod!"

Kulam hayu...

Echad holech im bachurah
beyafo bein arbaim
im rak ertzeh etzli tihyeh
yashar bein hayadaim
ach lo afri'a labachur
she'lo yatchil lir'od
ki zeh etzli pashut printzip
li yesh kavod!

Kulam hayu...

Im ba shikor le'eizeh bar
ani oto margi'a
hu af etzli min hasha'on
yashar ad Jebalya
aval achar kach hu chozer
hu ba katan me'od
merim kosit ve'od omer:
"kol hakavod!"

Kulam hayu...



In the kasbah* in midday
when the market is open
I'd just walk (around)
with a stretched chest
everyone says what a cannon
passing in the alleyways
greeting me from every window
all the honour!

Everyone would know then very well
who who - has more respect
Everyone would know then very well
who who, alwas who - has more respect.

And when the fight would blaze
and the section did not move
the commander would say"
"you first, kaza!"
Everyone knew that Kazablan
is always first to march
and from behind they yelled:
"all the honour!"

Everyone would...

Someone walks with a girl
in Jaffa between the twilights
if I'd only wanted she'd be by my side
staight between my arms
but I won't bother the guy
so he won't start to shake
because it's a principle to me
I have honour!

Everyone would...

If a drunk comes to some bar
I will relax him
he'd fly away from my watch
straight to Jebelia
but afterwards he comes back
he comes very humbly
raises a glass and then says:
"all the honour!"

Everyone would...

Hebrew words

*Kasbah = the inner neighbourhood of an Arab city
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