Ha'el hatov bara otanu
k'mo sach'kanim bemachazeh
bahatzagah hazo shelanu
rak hu kove'a mah yihyeh
et hatas'rit yado kotevet
velanu yesh sipur muchan
ani ehyeh ishah ohevet
atah tihyeh li lechatan

Zeh kvar katuv sham bam'romim
shenisha'er le'olamim
gam ani gam atah kochavim shel ahavah

Kol hachaim od lefaneinu
anachnu rak bahat'chalah
yesh ahavah g'dolah beineinu
ken zo ahavah g'dolah
lanetzach emunim nishbanu
ulevakesh mah od nuchal
she'Elokim yish'mor otanu, usheyihyeh lanu mazal

Zeh kvar katuv...


The good God created us
like actors in a play
in this show of ours
only he determines what will be
his hand writes the screenplay
and we have a ready story
I will be a loving woman
you will be my groom.

It's already written there up above
that we'll remain for eternity
me and you also are stars of love

All of life is still before us
we're only at the beginning
there's a great love between us
yes this is a great love
we swore faithfulness forever
and to ask whatever more we can
that God may guard over us, and we may have luck

It's already written...

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Yosi Gispan
Sarit Hadad
Sarit Hadad
Miss Music Track 7

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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