Keresh, mot keresh, mot,
Succateinu bal timot!
Vav el vav, kir el kir,
Mi kan banai mahir?
(Kum uv'neih banai tza'ir!)
Shamah rutz hinei p'nei
Succateinu maheir b'neih!
(Succateinu kum uv'neih!)

Zeir t'marim vehadasim
Letif'eret lah nasim,
Bifrachim otah nafriyach,
Nekashtehna beshatiyach,
Ad asher yomru kulam-
(Ad yagid kol ro'ah)
Ein kamoha ba'olam!
(Ein kamoha nifla'ah!)

Ein kamoha od lechein,
Lekishut kamoha ein
Kol ha'ir lah kaf timcha
Vetari'a besimcha:
Ein kazo ma'aseh oman
MiBe'ersheva ve'ad Dan!


Board and pole, board and pole
So our succah cannot fall!
Hook to hook and wall to wall,
Who's the fastest builder of them all?
(Come and build, young builder!)
Run over there reach over here
Build our succah in a jiffy!
(Our succah, come and build!)

A bunch of dates and myrtles, too,
We'll add to grace its beauty,
We'll garnish it with flowers around
And a rug to decorate the ground,
And on until they all agree:
And on until all who see her say:
There's nothing else like it in all the world!
(There's no more wonderful succah than this!)

No other equals its beauty,
No other can match its décor
The whole town will clap applause
And create a joyful noise:
No artist can claim a comparable creation
From Beersheva to the Dan!

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