K'CHI OTI (Shlomi Shabat)

Be'elohim ani nishbati at hayofi hamushlam,
at hasheket she'ahavti shechipasti kol chayay.
at habechi vehatschok,
at hamar vehamatok
uvil'adaich zeh ko'ev sheba lits'ok.

Kshe'at rokedet im haketsev ani kotev lach et shirai
kshe'at holechet ba ha'etsev venichnas el toch chayay
belibi at ha'achat at kmo rega meyuchad
ani rotseh shetehi iti la'ad.

K'chi oti achshav itach ve'at tehi li em uvait,
k'chi oti achshav itach velo ehyeh od bil'adaich,
ki mah shavim yihyu chayay bli ahavah shelach.

Be'elohim ani nishbati hashamaim hem edai
sheyavo hayom ve'at tehi im yeladai
uvayom shezeh yikreh velibenu yipatach
et hachayim sheli ani eten rak lach.


In God I swore you're perfect beauty,
you're the quiet that I loved and searched for all my life,
you're the weep and the laugh,
you're the sour and sweet,
and without you it hurts and feels like shouting.

When you're dancing with the rhythm I write you my songs,
when you'e walking comes the sorrow, and enters my life,
in my heart you're the one, like a special moment,
I want you to be with me forever.

Take me now with you and to me you'll be mother and house,
take me now with you and I will no longer be without you,
for what will my life be worth without your love.

In God I swore, as the heavens are my witness,
that the day will come and you'll be with my children,
and the day that happens our heart will be opened,
my life I will give only to you.

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Ronen Yarkoni & Yosi Chen
Ronen Yarkoni & Yosi Chen
Shlomi Shabat
Love Time Track 9
Yaron Malihi

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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