K'CHI OTI (Mosh Ben Ari)

Chai lema’anech umet lema’anenu
Bema’agal shel metzi’ut lo mesudar
Boker ya’ireni layla yashkiveni
Chalomenu bo nirkom el hamachar

Kumi ve’ha’iri bi et chayuti
Lema’anenu armon evne al rosh har
Nakum el hamtzi’ut nita bachalomenu
Venishkav ad bo hastav

Az kchi oti bizro’otayich havi’ini el hakerem
Sham hashkini min hayayin ha’adom
Velamdi bi ahava shele’olam tichyeh bi
Rak bidki shelibi eino nadam

Chai lema’anech umet lema’anenu
Sham baseret ze avad, ken, dai nechmad
Shuvi el beiti, ur’I bisdot hanetzach
Hivaldi el mul enai, kol rega ba

Kir’I li she’echzor, le’achar yom bo elech
Lehizacher bach, kshe’avo el yom chadash
Shti at mimeymi eshte gam mimeymech
Lema’an ma’ayanenu yimashech

Az kchi oti…….


I live for you and I die for both of us
In a circle of untidy reality
Morning will wake me up, night will put me to sleep
Let’s weave our dream towards tomorrow

Get up and wake up my vitality
I will build a castle on top of the mountain for us
We will wake up to reality, will plant in our dream
And will lie down until autumn will come

So take me in your arms, bring me to the vine yard
Let me drink there from the red wine
And teach me love, which will always live in me
Just check that my heart didn’t stop beating

I live for you and I die for both of us
In the movie it worked out, yes, pretty nicely
Come back to my home, and herd in eternity fields
Be born in front of my eyes, every minute comes

Call me to come back, after a day I left
To remember you, when I arrive to a new day
Drink from my water, and I from yours
So that our water spring will continue

So take me…….

Hebrew words

Mosh Ben Ari
Mosh Ben Ari
Mosh Ben Ari
Gadi Bitton

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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