Zeh ani vezo at
achshav zeh shneinu kan im oto hamabat
yod'im me'at rotzim maher
veratziti kol kach larutz ulesaper
ani lo mach'zik et zeh bif'nim
rotzeh la'amod litz'ok mikol habinyanim

Kamah od efshar likro lemah sheyesh beineinu ahavah
kamah od efshar tzarich po milah yoter g'dolah
kamah od efshar likro lemah sheyesh beineinu ahavah

At po muli ve'at yafah
bachaim lo haytah li kazot har'gashah
im yad beyad az lo nipol
zeh ani vezo at mikan nuchal rak lig'dol

Zeh rak nihyah yoter so'er
ve'im zeh chalom ani lo rotzeh lehit'orer

Kamah od efshar...

Velo her'gashti kach shanim
zeh k'mo t'mimut shel yeladim
kshe'ani itach
at k'mo hashemesh me'alai
ani ef'rach beshalal tzva'i
ba'or shelach

Kamah od efshar...


This is me and that's you
now it's the two of us here with the same stare
knowing little and wanting fast
and I wanted so much to run and tell
I'm not holding this within
I want to stand and scream from all the buildings

How much more is it possible too call what's between us love
how much more is it possible, a greater word is needed here
how much more is it possible too call what's between us love

You're here in front of me and you're beautiful
I've neve had such a feeling in my life
hand in hand we won't fall
this is me and that's you from here we can only grow

It only got more stormy
and if this is a dream I don't want to wake up

How much more...

And I haven't felt like this for years
it's like the innocence of children
when I'm with you
you're like the sun above me
I will bloom in a colourful blunder
in your light

How much more...

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

Shir Sagit
Shir Sagit
Harel Ska'at

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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