Kad katan, kad katan
Sh'monah yamim shamno natan.
Kol ha'am hitpalei,
Mei'eilav hu mitmalei.

Kol ha'am hitkaneis
Vehichriz: ach, zehu ness!
Ilulei kad zeh nish'ar
Mikdasheinu lo hu'ar.

Kad katan

Gam kol yeled, yeled kat
Ya'amod kezeh hakad.
Umileiv tamim, tahor,
Le'olam yashpi'a or.

Kad katan

Biz'chutam shel hak'tanim
Gam banot vegam banim,
Or yizrach mei'afeilah
Vetavo hage'ulah.

Kad katan

A little jug, a little jug
For eight days its oil did burn.
All the nation wondered how
It stayed so full and lasted through.

All the nation gathered there
And: "It's a miracle!" did declare.
Had this little jug not been left
The Temple of light would have been bereft.

A little jug

Every child, however young,
Shall stand upright, like this jug of old.
And from a heart, innocent and pure,
Upon the world a light shall pour.

A little jug

By the grace of little children,
Both girls and boys alike,
Out from the dark, a light will shine
And redemption will arrive.

A little jug


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Aharon Ashman
Yoel Velbah

Words transliterated and translated by Gila Ansell Brauner of Jerusalem, Israel.
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