Kamah tov lichyot bishnaim
po bein kirot habayit
k'mo dagim betoch hamayim
rak lo litbo'a

Kach lerakech kol peg'a
ulenatzel kol reg'a
bakoshi uvayeg'a
latet yadaim

Kach Elohim bara otanu
umin hatzel'a hotzi'anu
shenitchalek beyachad
basevel uvanachat
basir uvatzalachat
mah sheyavo, yavo'ah

Shenevaleh po shneinu
mikan ad sof yameinu
k'mo shenig'zar aleinu
mah sheyavo'ah - sheyavo.

Hi k'lal lo medaberet
bamit'bach hi mezameret
batelefon hi mekateret
im chav'roteiha

Hu gever gever gever
roim zot mikol ever
ach bir'gaim shel shever
hu ratz eleiha

Im kar lo hi otefet
im ra hi melatefet
ve'et komato zokefet
bishtei yadaim

Im ra lah hu bachoshech
lochesh milim shel osher
lazeh od yesh lo kosher
rak beinataim


How good to live as two (together)
here between the walls of the house
like fish in the water
just don't drown

This is the way to soften each mischance
and to save each moment
in difficulty and toil
to hold hands

God created us like this
and brought us out from the rib
so we may share together
in suffering and joy
a pot and pan
whatever may come, may it come

As we will hang out here the two of us
from this point till the end of our days
as it is decreed upon us
whatever will come, let it come.

She does not speak at all
she's singing in the kitchen
she perfumes the phone
with her friends

He's the man
its visible from each side
but in breaking moments
he runs to her

If he's cold she wraps him
if things are bad, she strokes him
and straightens his height
with her hands

If she's feeling bad, he's in darkness
whispering words of hapiness
for this he has more ability
just in the meantime

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Yoram Teharlev
Moshe Datz
Orna & Moshe Datz

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