Imri li al mah at choshevet
nir'eh li she'at atzuvah
od reg'a ve'at k'var ozevet
sheyesh be'einaich dim'ah
havini she'otach tamid chalamti
at ha'osher li at hatikvah
ted'i she'otach tamid ahavti
ve'ohav ad einsof ahuvah.

M'chi et ha dim'ah
chizri la'ahavah
nishb'anu shetamid nohav
ech at ozevet
od yesh lanu tikvah
im semel ahavah
she'lo yihyu od kan im
at achshav holechet.

Hashivi chiyuch el panaich
zichri she'otach ani ohev
shimri uvidki tze'adaich
gam im zeh lereg'a ko'ev
chizri el hamakom she'ahavnu
od tir'i shehakol yistader
al mah shelereg'a ka'avnu
nakeh veyachdav nitgaber.

M'chi et hadim'ah...


Tell me what you are thinking,
seems to me that you're sad;
another moment and you are already leaving
that there is a tear in your eyes.
Understand that I always dreamed of you
you're bliss, to me, you're the hope
know that I always loved you
and I will love to infinity, (my) love.

Wipe the tear,
return to the love.
We swore we'll always love,
how are you leaving?
we still have hope
with a sign of love
that won't be here if
you go now.

Bring back the smile to your face,
remember that I love you.
Guard and check your steps
even if it hurts for a moment,
return to the place we loved,
you will yet see it all fall back in place,
that which pained us for a moment
we will beat and together survive.

Wipre the tear...

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Yaron Cohen
Yaron Cohen
Eyal Golan
Tslil Meitar - String note Track 7

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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