Ilon Ilon Ilon, bamoh avarochecha
bamoh, bamoh avorechecha

She'yihyu peiroisecha metukim
harei peiroisecha metukim

She'yehei tzilcha no'eh,
tzilcha no'eh
harei tzilcha no'eh,
tzilcha no'eh

Elo elo yehi rotzon, elo yehi rotzon
sh'kol neti'ot she'not'im mimcha
yi'hyu kmotcha


Tree oh tree how will I bless you?
How, in which way, can I bless you?

With sweet fruit?
Your fruit is sweet....

With nice shade?
You aleady have nice shade...
With water streaming under you
You already have it...

I will bless you
that all the trees that will come from you
will be like you...


אילן אילן אילן, במה אברכך
במה במה אברכך

שיהיו פירותיך מתוקים
הרי פירותיך מתוקים

שיהא צלך נאה, צלך נאה
הרי צלך נאה, צלך נאה

אלא אלא יהי רצון, אלא יהי רצון
שכל נטיעות שנוטעים ממך יהיו כמותך


*Publisher's note: This song is sung in the Ashkenazic tradition, which is the Eastern European 'dialect' different to the sounds of modern Hebrew.

**The hasidic singer Yaakov Shwekey was born in Jerusalem and moved to the USA at the age of 8. At one point he was a member of the Miami Boys Choir (Pirchei Miami) and became known since then.

***The dance choreography is about Tu Bishvat. The movement of arms when he goes to the center, imitates the growing branches of the tree.
Read the choreographer's story

From the Talmud: Ta'anit 5b
Yochanan Shapira
Yaakov Shwekey
Ad Bli Dai 2009 Track 8
Elad Shtamer 2010
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The dance taught

Words transliterated by Cindy Wodinsky of Long Island, NY, USA.
Words translated by Ayelet Bukai of Sunnyvale, California, USA.
PORTUGUESE translation by Charlotte Vogel of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Special thanks to members of the Israeli dance chat lists Rikud and Machol Ha'am for their contributions.
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Arvore, arvore,arvore, como te abençoarei?
Como, como te abençoarei?

Que sejam suas frutas doces?
Mas suas frutas ja são doces

Que tenhas uma sombra agradavel, sombra agradavel
Mas sua sombra ja é agradavel, sombra agradavel

Que seja a vontade divina, seja a vontade divina
Que todas as arvores que venham de vc. sejam iguais a ti.

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Nota: De algum contribuidor do Rikud Chat list.

Yaakov Shwekey – cantor chassidico , nasceu em Jerusalem com a idade de 8 anos, musou-se para os Estados Unidos da America do Norte .E começou a cantar com PIRCHEI MIAMI ( Miami Boys Choir).Tornando-se conhecido desde então.
A coreografia da dança é sobre Tu Bishvat.
Os movimentos dos braços quando ele entra para o centro, imita os galhos da arvore nascendo.

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