Vaghti ke raftam tazeh,
to mifahmi asheghi chie
mishnasi eshgho bade man,
mifahmi asheghet kiye
aghebat az ghoseye
to naghsheh to gheseha misham
miram o paydam nemisheh tanha
mesle khoda misham

To joonami to eshghami
ghashang_tarin bahaneyee
baraye zende boodanam to behtarin neshooneyee
to behtarin dalile del baraye boodanam shodi
naboodi az tanam joda
ke pareye tanam shodi


After I left you,
you found out what love is
after me you'll know what love is
and how I loved you
eventually the pain you caused me
will become a tale
I'm going to leave and I won't be found,
and I'll be alone like God

You're my life, you're my love,
you're the best excuse
you're the best reason for me to exist
you're the best reason for my heart to be
you're never separate from my soul
now that you're part of it

Bijan Mortazavi
Bijan Mortazavi
Bijan Mortazavi

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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