Haru’ach hi sheli aval kemo shelach
Betoch knafeha hi notzeret et soda
Le’ohavey pricha tavi nicho’ach
Ule’acher tikach hatikva
Ach leveti tavi rak ahava

Ani mamtin achshav leru’ach mistorit
Sheta’asof et hashvarim mitoch chadri
Kmo se’ara shelo echsom beko’ach
Zo hasufa mimena lo evrach
Zo ru’ach stav shemevi’a shalva

Homiya, homiya kochotayich gavru
Ma yafit homiya,
et shvarayich asfu

Haerev rad hi nacha la sham giv’a
Ve’ish gam lo yeda et derech masa’a
Hi mamtina le’ot kdey lanu’a
Latzet la’ir uleraked sviva
Ach leveti tavi rak ahava



The spirit is mine but is as yours
She guards its secrets in her wings
To bloom lovers she will bring the scent
To others she will bring hope
To my home, she will bring love.

I now wait for a mysterious wind
To pick up the broken pieces from my room
I will not block this storm
Neither will I run away from it
It is an autumn wind that bring calm

Humming soul, you have gained power
You are so beautiful;
your broken pieces have been picked up

Evening has come and she rests there on the hill
No man will know her journey
She waits for the sign to move
To go out to town and dance around it
To my home she will only bring love.

Humming soul.....

Hebrew words

Eli Kafe
Folk Greek
Yoav Itzhak
Nurit Melamed
Circle 2011

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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