Bar'chovot hakol sagur,
shalosh achar chatzot,
ro'eh otach bemo'adon yakar.
Hatizmoret muchanah, hem meri'im lach,
vehahed hazeh nishma lach koh mukar.

Aval libech mizman eino yode'a
ahava shel ben adam echad.
Tenasi lachshov alai lereg'a,
kshe'at omedet mul kahal levad.

Histakli elai, histakli elai
ani yoshev mulech, habiti be'einai
histakli elai, histakli elai
im rak tishiri li ha'osher bechayai
od halailah.

Hakahal kulo shelach,
veli kasheh lir'ot
lechamah anashim nichnast lalev.
Bechol shir hem ohavim umeri'im lach,
verak kolech masgir et hake'ev

Im rak tirtzi, yesh ahava acheret
sherak adam echad yachol latet
ve'et libi eten lach lemishmeret
miyad she'at mehabamah yotzet.


In the streets everything is closed,
3 o'clock after midnight,
I see you at an expensive club.
The orchestra is ready, they're cheering for you
and this echo sounds so familiar to you.

But your heart long does not know
the love of one man.
Try to think of me for a moment ,
as you stand there alone in front of the crowd.

Look at me, look at me
I sit in front of you, look into my eyes
Look at me, look at me
if only you leave me the happiness in my life
still tonight.

The whole crowd is yours
and it's hard for me to watch
how many people's hearts you've entered.
Through each song they love and cheer for you
and only your voice closes off the pain.

If you'd want, there's another love,
that only one man can give,
and my heart I'll give you to keep,
as soon as you leave the stage.

Hebrew words

Ze'ev Nechamah
Ze'ev Nechamah And Tamir Kaliski
Eyal Golan
Live Track 5
Look at Me Track 1
Ya'ir Harel 2000

Words transliterated and translated by Robert Whelan of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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