Et haderech she'asiti ad hayom levadi
simta'ot chashuchot nemasot bid'mamah
vehasheket shehayah lif'amim olami,
mit'orer lekolot lechishah

Ki kol hamilim shemimcha megi'ot
yad'liku bi esh she'i efshar lechabot.

Hid'lakta kochav lefazer et hakor
patachta bi osher,
shelanetzach ez'kor
hid'lakta kochav, lihyot li le'or
lehar'ot et haderech, eleicha lach'zor.

Bechol hadapim hareikim shehish'arti
katavta milim chadashot
neshikot shepizarta, asafti elai
k'mo avir lehach'nis lare'ot.

Ki kol hamilim...

Hid'lakta kochav...


Dark alleys melt in silence
the path I've travelled up to this day alone
and the silence that was once worldly,
awakens to the sounds of whisper.

Because all the words that come from you
will light up a fire in me that can't be put out.

You lit up a star to disperse the cold
you opened happiness in me,
that I'll remember forever
you lit up a star, to be my light
to show the way, to return to you.

On all the empty pages I left
you wrote new words
kisses that you scattered, I gathered to me
like air put in my lungs

Because all the words...

You lit up a star...

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

Adam & Maya Buskila
Arkadi Duchin
Maya Buskila

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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