Kol Hayeladim Koftzim Rokdim 

Kol hayeladim koftzim rokdim…
Merimim et hayadayim
Gav’oah lashamayim

Lasim et hayadayim
Al hamotnayim
Lasim et hayadayim
Al haktefayim
Lasim et hayadayim
Al harosh
Velispor achat, stayim, shalosh!

Kol hayeladim koftzim rokdim…

Shevet yehuda bishnat alpayim
Haruach menashevet al hamayim
Bo na’aleh lyirushalayim
Venarim et hayadayim
Gavo’ah lashamayim

Kol hayeladim koftzim rokdim…

Kmo kofim kmo kofim
Kmo anashim yafim
Kmo mal’achim me’ofefim
Shemerimim et hayadayim
Gavoa’ah lashamayim.

Haneshamah parchah
Haguf roked levad achshav
Ki od lo samta lev od
Lo ra’ita ma nimtzah uma
Chaser hayiom over umitchalef
Lo brachot veatta adayin
Sham bekesem hayaldut.

Hayeladim koftzim
Mishtolelim rokdim
Hem lo ro’im shachor
Ki hem betoch ha’or
Kedei lir’ot bahir tzarich
Latzet latchelet hagadol
Al ta’atzom enayim
Vetir’e et kol hatov.

Hayeladim koftzim...


All the Children are Jumping and Dancing 

All the children jump, dance...
Rise their hands
High to the sky

Lets put hands
on the hips
Lets put hands
on the shoulders
Lets put hands
on the head
and lets count one, two, three!

All the children jump, dance...

Yehudah’s tribe in the year 2000
The wind blows on the water
Come, lets go to Jerusalem
Ands lets rise the hands
High to the sky

All the children jump, dance...

Like apes, like apes
Like beautiful people
Like flying angels
Who rise their hands
High to the sky

The soul is gone away
The body is dancing alone now
‘couse you didn’t pay attention yet
you din’t see what is there yet
and what isn’t there. The day passes
and changes greetings, and you are still
there in the magic of youth.

The children jump,
go wild, dance.
They don’t see black,
‘cause they are within the light
To see clear you need to
go out to the big sky-blue
Don’t close your eyes
And you will see all the good…

The children jump…

Hebrew words

Roi Levy & Avi Poankinos-tal
Roi Levy
Shotey Hanvu'a
The Fools of Prophecy - Shotey Hanvu'a Track 8
Perach Ye'ari
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