Ro'eh otah bamesibot ulai shnataim beretzef
hi mehafnetet, motzi'ah oti meketzev
ani menaseh limtzo chibur aval zeh lo kaf pashut
lamrot shenidmeh li shegam ba lah
aval lo ba bekalut
az lo yatza lanu lo dibarnu
zaramnu bemakbil
elai tafgish beneinu ve'oti tatzil
for real.

Ani lo marchin roshi lematah,
ish oti lo mashpil
achoti zeh lo ragil zeh hatargil.

Boi tegali li et hasod ve'et haderech lirkod
ech at mistovevet mesovevet
bo tegale li et hasod shelcha
lamah habanot tamid ratzot s'vivcha
boi tegali li et hasod
ech ganavt li et halev
matai tehi bi me'ohevet
lo kol habanot chayavot lir'tzot otcha
aval ani mechakah.

chorus in the background

Rotzah otcha ahuv sheli bechol makom leyadi
shomer alai umechabed
kol mich'shol nitmoded
yachad lev el lev ani ohevet
gam atah ohev
Gentleman amiti ani shelcha ve'atah sheli.

Ani tzame lah tzame
ken ken rotzeh lo yotze
memitkarev mitracheket,
ulai stam metzapeh
mehamis'chak lo yotze
loke'ach et zeh lakatzeh
mistakel lah ba'einaim bas'fataim ve'otzer.

Ani atzig et atzmi lo Latino Valentino
mi lo m'kirah oti
mi lo ratzta oti mi lo
yesh li ego bekilo ani ba lach belimo
mesachek im hagoral hakol o klum k'mo kazino
az ani ve'at nivneh goral atid
k'mo bepimo
kol t'shuvah mitkabelet
rak tavtichi li bli lo.

Zeh kol hamazal ve'lo mis'chak en den dino
yit'arev veyesach'sech
yavo lo sof al hakatino
Gangster, ani lo mechutz lachuk k'mo Reno
mash'ir oto chiver lavan iver k'mo albino
az hi chiy'chah li vehalchah
ve'amrah bachaim lo
ani yode'a shebasof
hi techapes oti k'mo Nemo.


K'lot et hagiveret bachurah shekazo
atah nofel al haritz'pah
rak milir'ot otah po, whoa.
le'an she'lo telech kulam yavo'u
ein matzav shenefasfes et hashow.

Ech she'hi zazah ani mitganev at at mitkarev
lechol hachevreh mistaneh haB.P.M. shel halev
sochev reg'a o sh'taim
nitfas mabat ba'einaim
chiyuch al has'fataim zan shel toref shalev, wow
hi histovevah vehitchilah lirkod
ani machur ki kol haguf sheli
ra'ev me'od le'od.

Mabat od Chance echad
ani ochi'ach gam ani meyuchad
mesachek otah adish veroked leyad
toch sh'niyah hi mistovevet ani lo levad
kol reg'a she'over mekarev guf leguf
im chiyuch vemabat chatzuf pashut shof.

Ani amshich lichyot velehenot
vekol hayom lirkod velevalot
vebaleilot latzet im chaverim
velenatzel kol reg'a bachaim
ani rotzah otcha tavo elai
ule'echoz becha bishtei yadai
shenitchabek venitnashek
ule'olam va'ed lo nitrachek.



Been seeing her at parties for maybe 2 years
She hypnotises, brings me out of the rhythm
I try to make a connection, but it’s not that easy
Even though it seems to me that she likes it
but not easily
So it didn’t work out for us, we didn’t speak,
we flowed at the same time
she brings us together and she saves me,
for real…

I don’t bow my head down,
no man can lower me
Sister, its not the age it’s the exercise…

Come tell me your secret, the way to dance,
the way you twist and turn
Come tell me your secret,
why do all the girls always run be around you?
Come tell me your secret,
how you stole my heart?
When will you be in love with me?
Not all the girls have to want you
but I’m waiting…

chorus in the background

I want you, my love, in every place, beside me
Look after me and respect me
and tackle every obstacle
Together, heart to heart, I love you
and you love me too
A true gentleman, I am yours and you are mine…

I’m thirsty for her, thirsty,
I want [her] and I don’t leave
I get closer, she gets further away,
maybe I’m just expecting it
I don’t get out of the game,
I take it from the edge
I look her in the eyes and at her lips and stop…

I show myself, not a “latino valentino”
Who doesn’t know me,
who doesn’t want me, who doesn’t
I have a kilo of ego, I’ll come to you in a limo,
I play with fate, all or nothing, like a casino
So you and I will build a future fate,
like out of ‘pimo’
You’ll get every answer
just promise me without any “no’s”…

It’s all luck, not a game of “En Den Dino”
He’ll bet and save,
the end of the minor will come
Gangster, I’m not outside of the law like Reno
Leave him pale, white, blind like an albino
So she smiles at me and walks off
and says “never in my life!”
I know that at the end
she’ll look for me like Nemo…


Notice the lady, a girl like this
You fall on the floor
Just to see her here, wow
Wherever she goes everyone will come
No chance you’ll miss the show…

The way she moves I sneak and get closer
The BPM of the whole gang changes
A minute or two passes,
catches a look in her eyes
A smile on her lips, a predatory specie, wow
She turns around and starts to dance
I’m addicted because my whole body
is hungry for more and more…

A look of another chance
I’ll prove I’m also special
I play with her disinterested and dance beside her
Within a second she turns and I’m not alone
Every moment that passes our bodies get closer
With a smile and a simple rude look…

I’m going to continue living and enjoying
And dance and spend (enjoy)
And go out in the evenings with my friends
And to savour every moment of life
I want you, come to me
And to hold you with both hands
So that we hug and kiss
And never drift…


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