Hashir hazeh tza'ad itanu bad'rachim ha'asurot,
Hashir hazeh chipes itanu et hayom veha'orot,
Hashir hazeh yatza itanu le'alpaim sh'not galut,
Hashir hazeh ta'am yamim shel sevel am le'atzmaut.

Hashir hu shir shel yom valeil
Hashir hu shir mizmor halel
sheli shelcha shelach sheli
veshel kol Eretz Yisrael.

Hashir hazeh chozer eleinu mish'mamah umimidbar
Hashir hazeh omer davar ish od kodem lo amar
Hashir hazeh chozer itanu yesaper ve'lo yech'dal
Mehazman shel anu banu bein chomah uvein migdal.

Hashir hu shir...

Hashir hazeh yushar hayom yavi ito et hashalom
Hashir hazeh yil'chash amen ki banu ad halom
Hashir hazeh yitz'ad itanu beshalom lish'nat yovel
Hashir sheli hashir shelcha (hu) veshel kol Eretz Yisrael.

Hashir hu shir...


This song marched with us on the forbidden roads,
This song searched with us for the day and the lights,
This song went out with us to 2000 years of exile,
This song tasted the days of national suffering to independence.

The song is a song of day and night
This song is a song of praise
(it's) mine yes yours mine
and of all the land of Iisrael.

This song returns to us from swamp and desert
This song says a thing nobody has said prior
This song return with us it will tell and not stop
from the time we came between wall and tower

The song is a song...

This song will be sung, today will bring peace with it
This song will whisper amen for we came all the way here
This song will march with us in peace to a jubillee year
It is my song your song and of all the land of Israel.

The song is a song...

Hebrew words

Smadar Shir
Tzionah Liron
Eitan Masuri

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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