Eten lah or shemesh belailah shachor
eten lah yare'ach bevoker tzachor
atapes al ha'etz ve'ektof lah tzipor
veyoter lo efzol lo atzitz le'achor

Eten lah kol mah shetikach
hakol eten rak shetislach
eten kol mah shetikach
rak shetislach rak shetishkach

Ani rak ben adam vezot lo ashmati
halachti/hayiti levad hi hitrifah oti
(ve)hayiti shikor veshatiti ti ti
ve'achshav zeh harumba/nigmar ki achshav at iti

Eten lah kol mah shetikach...

Nu dai tishkechi zot haytah rak ta'ut
eten lach taba'at nelech larabanut
yihyeh lanu yeled katan vechamud
ve'erkod itach rumba ad she'amut

Eten lah kol mah shetikach...


I will give her sunlight on a black night
I will give her the moon on a white morning
I will climb on the tree and pick a bird for her
and I won't ogle anymore, I won't peep back

I will give her all that she will take
I will give her all so that she may only forgive (me)
I will give all that she will take
may she only forgive, may she only forgive (me)

I'm only human and it's not my fault
I went/was alone, she made me go mad
(and) I was drunk and I dr-dr-rank
and now it's the rum/it's finished because you're with me now

I will give her all that she will take...

Oh enough, forget (it), it was just a mistake
I'll give you a ring, we'll go to the rabbinate (to get married)
we'll have a small and cute child
and I'll dance rumba with you until I die

I will give her all that she will take...

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Yehonatan Geffen
David Broza
David Broza
Ha'isha She'iti Track 9

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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