Lo nifrach kvar pa'amaim
Veharuach al hamaim
Yefazer dmama tzonenet al paneinu hachivrot,
Shama bein ibei hanachal
Besha'a achat nishkachat
Zichronot ezov shelanu mitrapkim al hakirot.
Bli tuga, kfufei tzameret,
Bloriot seiva nivderet
Ba'asher yefot-hatoar
bein shrikot ha'adarim
Tafnukei gevan yartitu
Belechtan lirchotz bazerem,
Nichlamim nashpil eyneynu el hamaim hakririm.

Lo nosifa od lanua,
Mishtaim nabit baruach
Eich hu yachad im hamaim
mefarkim et hslaim.
Te'ena chanta pageiha,***
Vehanesher hayage'a
El kino chazar bachoshech
midarkei ha'elohim.

Hardufim sheli, kamoni
Vekamoch, shekol yamaich
Et pirchei haor shelanu at pizart lechol ro'e -
Lo ofot-marom anachnu
Ve'el gova hashamaim
Gam atem, gam anochi lo nagia kanire.

Rak bahar al kav hareches
Mishehu mosif lalechet
Min havadi veha'even larchsim el haruchot,
Ad asher bichsut ha'erev
Yachazor nuge elaich
Im pichpuch plagim
Im rachash hardufim leyad hachof.


We will not bloom twice
and the wind on the water
will scatter chilly silence on our pale paces,
there among the buds of the brook
in one forgotten hour
our memories of hyssop are clinging to the walls.
without sorrow, treetops bent,
scattered forlocks of white hair
where the beautiful women
among the whistles of the herds
the delights of their backs will tremble
as they go to wash in the stream,
ashamed we'll lower our eyes to the cool water.

We shall not continue moving,
astonished, we will watch the wind
how together with the water
they disassemble the rocks.
The fig tree forms its early fruit,
and the weary eagle
to his nest returned in the darkness
from the roads of God.

My oleanders, like me
and like you, that all your days
you've been scattering our flowers of light to every shepherd - no birds-of-heights are we and to the height of the sky neither you all, nor me ,we'll ever reach, probably

Only in the mountain on the range line
someone keeps on walking
from the wadi and the stone to the mountain ranges, to the winds, until under the cover of the evening he'll return, sad, to you
with trickling of brooks
with rustle of Oleanders by the shore.

The line "Te'ena chanta pageiha" is a quote from Shir Hashirim

Natan Yonatan
Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Sefi Aviv

Words transliterated and translated by Tali Wolk of Israel.
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