Hayit betoch dami sh'nei pit'omim
sh'tei tzamot sh'tei einei yahalomim
hayit betoch dami
kish'tei dma'ot kish'nei alim
shenashru mimeni az begani.

At kish'kiyah bein arbaim
zecher shel sel'a vechol
yofi avur pa'amaim
ani vehinech ve'etmol.

Ki mabateinu tom ne'ureinu
Avudim kol kach
shnei mabateinu tom ne'ureinu
hayom rak shnei shemot
shel sefer zichronot.

Ve'im od nipagesh shuv beshenit
lo ted'i im ani zeh shera'it
ve'lo tib'ar bach esh
velo tichbeh ahavatech
venifneh et gabenu zo lazeh.

Ki hash'kiyah be'einaich
sel'a vechol li balev
eretz yafah hen panaich
artzi sheli, ke'ev.

Ki mabateinu tom ne'ureinu...


You were in my blood
two braids, the two eyes like diamonds
you were in my blood
like two tears, like two leaves
that fell off of me back then in the garden.

You're like the sunsets between twilights
memory of stone and sand
beauty that passed two times
Here is you and I and yesterday.

For our looks are the purity of our youth
so lost,
our two looks are the purity of our youth
today just two names
in a book of memories.

And if we yet meet a second time
you won't know if it's me you saw
and fire won't burn inside you
and your love won't extinguish
and we'll turn out back to each other.

For the sunset in your eyes
is like stone and sand to my heart
your face is a beautiful land
oh my land, pain.

For our looks are the purity of our youth...

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Moshe Ben Shaul And Eli Bachar
Boaz Sharabi
Boaz Sharabi
Songs Forever Track 3
Rafi Ziv
Rafi Ziv

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