Hanerot halalu, anu madlikin
Al hanisim ve'al hanifla'ot
Ve'al hateshu'ot, ve'al hamilchamot
She'asita la'avoteinu
Bayamim haheim bazman hazeh
Al yedei kohanecha hak'doshim.

V'chol sh'monat yemei Chanukah (x2)
Hanerot halalu, hanerot halalu kodesh heim.
Ve'ein lanu reshut lehishtameish bahem
Ela lir'otam bilvad
Kedei lohodot ulehalleil leshimcha hagadol
Al nissehcha ve'al yeshuatehcha
Ve'al nifle'otehcha.


These Chanukah lights we kindle
In honor of the miracles, the wonders
And salvation wrought and wars
You fought, for our fathers,
In days of yore and in present time (x2)
By the hands of Your holy priests.

And throughout Chanukah's eight days
These lights, these lights shall be sacred:
No right to make use of them have we
Only to look at them and see,
That Your great Name we may thank and praise
For the miracles and salvation You brought
And for Your wondrous deeds.


Hebrew words

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Piyut based on Mishnah Tractate Sofrim, 20:6 and the related Prayer
Traditional folk

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Gila Ansell Brauner of Jerusalem, Israel.
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