Veachshav ze hazman lada'at kvar ma tzafui lanu mehashamayim
Ha'im at yoda'at lema hitkavna zot sheamra shehachochma hi kmo mayim
Venidme shenihyenu belet brera yoter veyoter krovim
Anachnu kmo zug leorech sdera pashut holchim veholchim

Ule'or hadvarim hapshutim be'emet anachnu chayim et chayenu
Lemashal bli hesberim rak lekabel velatet ze lo kal aval ma yesh od benenu
Ani nizkar lifamim bayaldut shehayta lifney zman hamachshev veha hi tech
Al pasey harakevet mechake lakatar uchshehu ba ani tzo'ek

Ken hayu ele yamim tovim kmo sheomrim haoptimim
Velifamim chayim muzarim kach omrim hamistikanim hasinim
Veulai ele chayim gdolim hrey chayinu otam beteruf
Tistakli alai vetiri ktzat sameach ktzat atzuv

Uchsheani shuv loveshet simla levana ata shoel ma kara lecha velanu
Harey pa'am lavasht et ota hasimla beNovember kshehitchatanu
Ken barur li she'at rotza lifamim lachazor el hadvarim shehayu
Gam ani rotze et otam hadvarim biglal oto hadavar bidiyuk

Ken hayu

Veachshav al tedaber rak tavo elai besheket besheket bacheder
Kmo shney chaverim sheavdu bachalal simi lev kvar emtza November
Shuv noflim he'alim ze hazman hashaket ma tzafu lanu machar lo neda
Ani otef otach bechom veroked uma'avir lanu od daf

Ken hayu.


Now is the time to know what comes on us from the sky
Do you know what is the meaning of "wisdom is like water"
It looks like we had no other choice but to become closer
We are like a couple that keeps on walking down the boulevard

We live our life in light of the simple things no explanations
Just giving and receiving, it is not easy but what else is between us
Sometimes I remember the childhood before the computer and the hi tech
On the rails waiting for the locomotive to come
And when it does I scream

Those were the good life say the optimists
Some times life is strange say the chinese mysticans
May be those are large life we lived them crazily
Look at me and you will see a bit happy a bit sad

When I ware a white dress again you ask what happened to us
Once you wore this dress back in November when we got married
It is clear that some time you want to go back to those things
I want them too for the same reasons

Don't talk now just come to me quietly into the room
Like two friends lost in space look it is the middle of November
The leaves fall again it is the quite time
What will happen tomorrow we don't know
I embrace you with warmth and dance and turn a new leaf for us

Hebrew words

Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Nurit Galron
Gadi Bitton 1996

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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