Zeh hitchil bishnei horim
alizim vetze'irim
sheholidu bishvili
et hamishpachah sheli
uch'sheyesh li mesibah
rak tabitu mi sheba
rak tabitu mi sheba.

Aba ba
saba ba
Aryeh mik'far saba ba
ba baruch baruch haba
im dodah, dodah rabah
aba ba
saba ba
gam hasavta yababa
ahalan umarchaba
mi sheba baruch haba!

Mevi'im li matanot
gam g'dolot vegam k'tanot
manichim hem bapinah
veyotz'im el haginah
menash'kim et achoti
uva'im litz'bot oti
uva'im litz'bot oti.

Aba ba...

Ve'achar kach bachatzer
matchilim hem ledaber
mitvak'chim bitze'akot
vechim'at holchim makot
ach k'shehakibud muchan
hem ratzim el hashulchan
hem ratzim el hashulchan.

Aba ba...

Ve'achrei zeh mevakshim
she'ani akum lashir
vekor'im kshe'ani shar:
ech shehakatan much'shar
vehayom lamesibah
rak tabitu mi sheba
rak tabitu mi sheba.

Aba ba...


It started with two parents
Merry and young
That gave birth for me
To my family
And when I have a party
Just see who comes
Just see who comes

Dad comes
Grandpa comes
Aryeh from Kfar Saba comes
Baruch comes, Welcome
With the aunt, great aunt
Dad comes
Grandpa comes
Even Grandma yababa
Hello and Welcome
Whoever comes, welcome!

They bring me gifts
Big ones and small ones too
They put them in the corner
And they go out to th garden
They kiss my sister
And they come to pinch me
And they come to pinch me

Dad comes...

And afterwards in the yard
They begin to talk
Arguing by shouting
And almost get into a fight
But when the honour (ceremony) is ready
They run to the table
They run to the table

Dad comes...

And after that they ask
me to get up and sing
and they call when I sing:
Oh how talented the little one is
And today for the party
Just look who comes
Just look who comes

Dad comes...

Hebrew words

Yoram Teharlev
Nurit Hirsch
Shlomo Nitzan
Yehuda Helman

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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