HAKOL DVASH (Doron Mazar)

At dibart ani shatakti
At amart ani hiskamti
Betori lomar kama milim

Shuv ani merachef do'e bachalal
Ani lo yachol biladayich
Hakesem shebach halach vegadal
Prachim gam shalachti elayich
Ani rotze otach mamash bechol daka
Im at atzuva az yesh bi mu'aka

Ki beyachad rak beyachad neshama
Nahafoch et hamdina

Achabek otach chazak uve'oznech elchash
Ki at haneshama sheli itach hakol hu dvash
Yesh harbe banot mismol umiyamin
Aval itach ze hagoral ani bach ma'amin

Bishvili ein od kamoch bechol ha'olam
Ani metoraf rak alayich
At hayechida tov li itach
Ein higayon bil'adayich
Bishvil lehitkarev lehargish et ze yoter
Nimtza dira shel cheder
uveyachad nistader

Ki beyachad.....

Achabek otach chazak......


You talked I kept silent
You said I agreed
Now it is my turn to say a few words

I am flying again, gliding in space
I can't be without you
The charm in you grew and grew
I even sent you flowers
I want you every moment
If you are sad I feel as a load is on me

Because together, only together, my soul
We will turn the country up side down

I will hug you strongly and whispare in your ear
You are my soul, with you all is honey
There are plenty of girls left right and centre
But with you it is fate, I believe in you

For me there is no one like you in the whole world
I am crazy for you
You are the only one, I feel good with you
There is no sense without you
In order to get closer and feel each other more
We will find a one bedroom flat
and settle together

Because together.....

I will hug you......

Hebrew words

David Zigman
Doron Mazar
Doron Mazar
At Hachavera Sheli Track 3
Avi Peretz

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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