Ken, zeh hayom hachi gadol
bo ani ve'at hofchim lihyot beyachad
libi po'em betoch libech
uvegufeinu hat'chushah lo noda'at
va'ani tzo'ed itach k'mo chalom she'lo nigmar
mabitah at be'einai va'ani omer lach:

At ha'isha sheli, at kol mevukashi
vezeh hareg'a
shele'olam lo yimachek mizichroni
at ha'isha sheli, at hachalom sheli
uveyachad gam nis'lol lanu et shvil ha'ahavah.

Hi beshelah kulah yafah
uvil'chayeiha yesh dim'a k'tanah zoleget lah
ani ro'eh ve'lo poched
lomar mishpat t'filah kshe'ani omed mulah
va'ani ro'eh pit'om zeh lo ulai ve'lo chalom
mabitah at be'einai va'ani omer lach:

At ha'isha sheli...


Yes, this is the greatest day
on which you and I start to live together
my heart beats within your heart
and in our bodies the unknown feeling
and I walk with you like a never ending dream
you look in my eyes and I say to you:

You're my woman, you're all I asked for
and this is the moment
that'll never be erased from my memory
you're my woman, you're my dream
and together we'll even pave ourselves the path of love.

She herself is all pretty
and on her cheeks there's a small tear flowing
I see (it) but I'm not scared
to say a sentence of prayer when I stand in front of her
and I suddenly see this is not 'maybe' nor a dream
you look in my eyes and I say to you:

You're my woman...

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Moshe Peretz
Moshe Peretz
Moshe Peretz

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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