Ha'erev yarad lagva'ot hak'chulot
yare'ach alah merachef al cholot
od rega veshuv yidalek hakochav
ya'ir et shvilei hechalav

Ho, ho, mah yafim haleilot
bein hagva'ot hak'chulot

Halailah kiseh et hanof be'afor
he'ir kochavim harabim minei s'por
lechol ish ve'ish yesh kochav ba'olam
shelanu yafeh mikulam

Ho, ho...

Ahavti lik'tzor besadot rechavim
ahavti liv'tzor eshkolot kochavim
aval mikol eleh ohav baleilot
lavo lagva'ot hak'chulot

Ho, ho...


The evening set on the blue hills
the moon rose, hoving on the sands
in a moment the star will be lit again
lighting up the milky way(s)

Oh, oh, how beautiful are the nights
between the blue hills

The night covers the scenery in gray
it lit up the stars, too many to count
each person has a star in this world
of ours, the most beautiful of all

Oh, oh...

I loved to harves the wide fields
I loved to gather grapes of stars
but among all these I'll love at night
to come to the blue hills

Oh, oh...

Hebrew words

Uriel Ofek
Dovi Zeltzer
Geula Gil

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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