Histovabti bechol ha’ir
Ad shekvar nipagesh hayom
Hish’arti et hamitznach babayit
Shelo nitrasek pit’om
Mishtadel lesachek otah asuk
Bemashehu chashuv be’emet
Ani holech yashar
Halev kafuf
Halayla kim’at kvar met

Achshav hashamayim hichrizo milchamah
Gam bli shenirtzeh
Ve’en li t’yadayim shelach yoter
Kdey litpos machseh
Litpos machseh

Vehadimyon sheli hichnis oti lakeleh
Lachshov rak alayich
Umach’iv bechavanah
Lamrot shetov li yoter biladayich
Ani bore’ach gam kshelo ba li
Kshetov uchsherah li
Ze ktzat yoter midai

Histovabti bechol ha’ir
Lo fisfasti af makom
Hish’arti et hametziut babayit
Shelo titnapetz pit’om
Mamtzi kochot
Shekvar en la’asot shuv od tza’ad baderech
Ani holech yashar
Hashvil akum
Hachoshech hu melech

Achshav hashamayim....

Vehadimyon sheli....


I went around the whole city
Until we meet today
I left my parachute at home
So we don’t crash suddenly
Trying to pretend I am busy
With something really important
I walk straight
With a bent heart
The night is nearly dead

Now, heaven declared war
Despite our will
And I don’t have your hands anymore
To get cover
To get cover

And my imagination put me in jail
To think only of you
I hurt myself intentionally
Although I am better off without you
I run away although I don’t feel like doing so
When it’s good and bad
It’s too much

I went around the whole city
I didn’t miss one spot
I left reality at home
So it doesn’t shutter suddenly
I invent strength
Although I can’t walk another step
I walk straight
The path is crooked
Darkness is king

Now, heaven declared....

And my imagination....

äăîéĺď ůěé

Hebrew words

Dolav Ram & Paz Chazut
Dolav Ram & Paz Chazut
Shir Levy
Rafi Ziv
Partners 2016

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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