Bitz'lilim mehap'netim kshenidlak lo ha'or
binyanim alav sog'rim hu roked k'mo shikor
hem sharim od shir she'ahavta
mach'zirim otcha laderech habaitah

Kol chalil achshav shorek, mehadhed lerachok
melaveh k'mo ben ohev, et kolcha ha'amok
anashim shek'lal lo hikarta
hem sharim itcha od shir shekatavta

Ksheha'or otef otcha mehadhed ne'elam
ta'amin be'atzmecha vetir'eh lechulam
sheratzita ratzita lich'bosh ta'olam
sheratzita ratzita lihyot ben adam

Kshehamasach yored hu chozer el beito
im tikvah achat balev hu loke'ach ito
yeladim shekol kach ahavta hem sharim itcha od
shir shekatavta

Ksheha'or otef otcha...


When the light comes on in hypnotising sounds
Building are closing in on him he dances like a drunk
They sing another song you loved
And bring you back to the way home

The sound of the flute whistling now echos far away
Accompanying your deep voice like a loving son
People who you never knew
Sing with you another song you have written

When light wraps you up and disappears echoing
Believe in your self and show them all
That you wanted to conquer the world
That you wanted to be a human being

When the curtain goes down he comes back home
Takes with him one hope in his heart
Children you loved so much sing with you
A song you have written

When light wraps you up...

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Harel Moyal
Harel Moyal
Harel Moyal
Harel Moyal Track 1
Edo Israely

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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