Bo netzei mei'ashan he'arim,
Mihapachad mimah she'omrim,
Bo na'uf mikan, meihabalagan,
El hachayim ha'acherim.

Bo nivrach mik'sharim nishbarim,
Mitz'vi'ut umikol hash'karim,
Meihahasachot, meihamasechot,
El hachayim ha'acherim.

Bo nipol beyachad el bor hahafta'ot,
K'mo sipur Alisa be'eretz hapla'ot,
El t'mimuteinu, el yalduteinu,
K'she'od rakamnu hazayot,
Naflig bishnayim, veha'einayim,
Lerega lo yisbe'u mehamar'ot.

Bishvilim yerukim bein k'ramim,
Berakevet ha'emek nadrim,
Po bein hanofim, ha'anashim yafim,
Be'ahavah menofefim.

Levasof shenachzor le'atid,
Hahoveh yechayech mitamid,
Ve'amok bifnim, hu ya'ir panim,
Zman hachayim ha'acherim.

Bo nipol beyachad...


Let's leave behind the urban pall*
And worries of what others say,
Let's escape all the chaos and thrall,
Into a different life.

Let's run away from broken liaisons,
From hypocrisy and all the lies
From distractions and disguise,
Into a different life.

Together, down the rabbit hole let's fall,
Like in Alice in her Wonderland,
Back to days of innocence in childhood,
When our dreams we still wove.
Just you and I, away lets sail -
Never tiring of horizons new.

Between vineyards, along green trails,
Well travel South down the valley by train.
Here, in between wonderful views,
Where people are beautiful, waving to us with love.

When eventually to the future we return,
The present will smile ever brighter
While, deep down, a glow will burn
From time in that different life.

Let's fall together....

Hebrew words

Yoav Ginai
Yoni Ro'eh
Leah Lupatin
Avi Perez 1995

Words transliterated and translated by Gila Ansell Brauner of Jerusalem, Israel.
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