Ta'aseh kol yom davar ken
sheme'az umitamid maf'chid
hayom atah chai, machar met
hahoveh zeh he'atid
sh'kach et hafakultot,
sh'kach et hap'giot becha
tish'tadel lichyot besutul
Hodu rechokah aval tisa.

Shev tachat etz zayit
bateva hamushlam bli k'vish
ein ko'ach ba'olam she...
sheya'atzor otcha milehar'gish
atah tamid hamelech
ein af echad me'aleicha
titz'taref lelehakah k'tanah baderech
hem mechapsim zamar
lashir et hasimchah.

Tihyeh kvar amiti iti
tir'kod tir'kod beyom shishi
tir'kod tir'kod beyom shabat
atah hamelech hagadol
atah lo zan politi
atah lo z'vuv she'af bacheder
mah yesh lecha mah yesh lecha?
tihyeh kvar amiti,
iti, itah,
ve'im kol davar bas'vivah.

Chabek shuv et horeicha
et chavereicha al ta'azov
taf'lig onioteicha
et kol hayam ad kav hachof.
Telech yachef balobby
al tilachem k'sheyesh breirah
ten lah lish'tot lecha t'ashoko
betoch dirah s'churah
le'an she'lo tis'a tikach
shnei b'gadim veduchifat
aval hachi babayit
zeh im hamishpachah shelcha
al techakeh le'eleh
she'lo yavo'u s'rof t'aptil...
hineh hi ba'ah mimulcha
vehi shelcha ki
atah ha'amiti

Tihyeh kvar amiti...



Do a thing each day yes
always and forever scares you
today you're alive, tomorrow dead
the present is the future
forget the faculties,
forget the hurt in you
try to live in satisfaction (?)
India is far but go!

Sit under an olive tree
in the perfect nature without a road
there's no power in the world that...
that will stop you from feeling
you are always the king
there's nobody above you
join a small band on the way
they're looking for a singer
to sing the joy.

Be real with me already
dance dance on Friday
dance dance on Saturday
you are the great king
you are not a political type
you are not a fly that flies in the room
what do you have what do you have?
be real already,
with me, with her,
and with everything around.

Embrace your parents again
don't leave your friends
sail your ships
in the whole sea until the shoreline.
Walk barefooted in the lobby
don't fight when there's a choice
let her drink you chocolate milk
inside the rented apartment
whenever you go take
two clothes and hoopoe
but the most "at home"
is to be with your family
don't wait for those
that won't come, burn the cord...
here she comes in front of you
and she's yours because
you are real

Be real already...

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Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi

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