At baguf sheli at bein hakirot sheli
At bein hashtikot hashirim ve’ha’etzev
At hagvul sheli lichyot o lamut sheli
At hamachog shemachtiv li et haketzev

Hayit bageshem iti basmichot
Uvayamim she’ahavnu pachot
Ani lo azavti otach leshniya

At hastav sheli at kol ha’onot sheli
Uchshebalelot lif’amim at holechet
Hamanginot sheli vechol hamilim sheli
Noflim migufi kmo alim bashalechet

Ve’amru kol davar al chayai
sheyarda da’ati me’alai
Ulai ktzat shachachti gvulot higayon

Ve’ani choshev ktzat al halev shelach
Uchama kara lif’amim hamatechet
Boker velayla ovrim basha’on sheli
Velo ma’amin shenatat li lalechet

Ve’ani nish’ar lehamshich lekavot
Sheko’ev lach ulai lefachot
Kmo she’ko’ev li me’az she’azavt

Verak idiot yechake lach achshav
Kshehageshem lo chas al panav
Chikiti lashemesh shektzat techamem


You are in my body you are between my walls
You are between silences, songs and sadness
You are my border, my live or die
You are the hand on the clock that dictates my rhythm

You were with me under the blankets in the rain
And in the days we loved less
I didn’t leave you for a second

You are my Autumn you are all my seasons
And when you sometimes leave at night
My melodies and all my words
Fall of my body like leaves in the fall

Everything was said about my life,
that I lost my mind
Maybe I forgot the boundaries of logic

And I think a bit about your heart
And how cold is the metal
Morning and night pass on my watch
I can’t believe you let me go

I stay and keep on hoping
That you are hurting
At least like I am, since you left

Only an idiot will wait for you now
When rain doesn’t have mercy on his face
I waited for the sun for a bit of warmth

Hebrew words

Natan Goshen
Natan Goshen
Natan Goshen
Eran Bitton

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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