Hayo hayta giv’a achat shtufat prachim,
tlalim hishku’ha
Hayo hayta bikta achat,
tzrif etz yachid bamerchavim
Ata, bintot tzilo hazman
al zichronot vega’agu’a
Hen ro’adot ba’arafel
im ru’ach za ba’asavim

Bavot enayich atzumot
Takshiv amok el toch chayecha
Al giv’atcha ha’afura
rotet masach ha’arafel
Yachef tifsa umehurhar
Al dsah’im ume’alecha
Yerachafu kintot hayom
Atalefim ma’of yafe

Barzel yashan,
gshamim vetal hechlidu lahav machreshet
Kol hakale vehakomesh
shav lihyot pashut afar
Pit’om tachush eich yad hazman
al afapecha begasheshet
Umenicha shanim kvedot aley ktefcha ha’ayefa

Tosif lindod bamish’olim
rachok michesed ne’urecha
Aval karov mehem linhot el hashanim harishonot
El giv’atcha el hayafa
ashrecha is im acharecha
Od tisha’er giv’a kazot
shtufat prachim vezichronot


There was a small hill full of flowers,
watered by dew
There was a small hut,
a sole wooden shed
in the wide open spaces
When shadow comes upon it,
memories and longing
They shiver in the fog
with wind moving the weeds

The pupils of your eyes are shut
Listen deep into your life
On your grey hill,
the fog screen trembles
You will walk bare foot and passing thoughts
On the grass and above you
At the end of the day,
bats will hover in a beautiful flight

Old steel,
plow’s blade rusted by rain and dew
All that wilted and dried out
turned to ashes
You will feel suddenly
how the hand of time fills the eyelids
And puts heavy years on your tired shoulder

Continue wandering in the trails
far away from the mercy of your youth
But close to them to follow the early years
Your hill, your beautiful, man,
you are blessed, if after you go
A hill like this one will stay on,
full of flowers and memories.

Hebrew words

Natan Yonathan
Shlomo Artzi
Givah Achat 2008 Track 1
Rafi Ziv 2009

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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