At hanesichah she'aleiha kol chayay chalamti
vegam hamachar she'elav bachoshech hitpalalti
at hamenuchah shelibi kol kach tzame
lihyot bah chelek
bachaim ha'eleh

At k'mo neshamah te'umah
sheshavah vechoveret
shemesh adumah margi'ah she'et libi shoveret
yam kachol amok she'alav ani rotzeh lashot li
mechadash kol lailah

Gever mishtage'a, betochi bocheh lach
levavi noge'a, aval lo poge'a
t'ni rak hizdamnut ledaber beneinu
shuv lihyot beyachad, shneinu shneinu

At kol hayamim
sheyavo'u metukim pi elef
lo leha'amin ech at betoch gufi k'mo cherev
at hamachalah vegam hat'rufah
lalev shemitpare'a
k'shehu noge'a

Tni li od dakah
lehas'bir hakol rak ba'einaim
vehaneshikah shebefinu tahafoch leyayin
kamah at yafah, k'mo kochav rachok prati
shebechol lailah
li me'ir milemalah

Gever mishtage'a...


You are the princess that I dreamt off all my life
also the future that I prayer for in the darkness
you're the rest that my heart thirsts for so much
to be a part of
in this life

You are like a twin soul
and comes back and connects
calming red sun that breaks my heart
deap blue sea that I want to roam on
every night anew

Man goes crazy, inside me I cry to you
my heart touches but does not hurt
give me a chance to speak between us
to be together again, the two of us

You're all the days
that'll come a thousand times sweeter
not to believe how you're in my body like a sword
you are the disease and the cure also
for the heart that causes a disturbence
when it touches

Give me another minute
to explain everything with just my eyes
and the kiss in our mouths will turn to wine
how pretty you are, like a far private star
that each night
lights up for me up above

Man goes crazy...

Hebrew words

Yoav Ginai
Lior Farchi & Moshe Datz
Lior Farchi & Moshe Datz
Lior Farchi
Yaron Malihi

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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