Free like the river
Flowing freely through infinity
Free to be sure of
What I am and who I need not be
Free from all worries
Worries prey on oneself's troubled mind
Freer than the clock's hands
Tickin' way the times
Freer than the meaning of free that man defines
Life running through me
Till I feel my father God has called
Free to be nowhere
But in every place I need to be
Freer than a sunbeam
Shining through my soul
Free from feelin' heat or knowing bitter cold
Free like the river
Free like the river
oooh hooo I am free
I'm Free, like the river.
I'm Free, like the mountain.
I'm Free, like the river.
Goin' through my mind...
I'm Free hehey like the river
oooh hooo I am free
Free eee
I am Free
Free like the river
oooh hooo I am free.

Dana International

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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