Shuv ani holech bamach'shavot shuv mit'hapech
megal'gel et ha'einaim
veyoshev leyad hamayim
ken hu iti achshav
bechol makom bechol matzav
be'eretz shel had'vash zavat hachalav
tagid li mi ba bator mi ba lak'rav
ve'al yit'halel choger al sh'chenav
ha'im yagur ze'ev im keves
im nifg'a bamatarah
hatochen shuv me'id ken shuv
me'id al ha'isah

Hakol yihyeh beseder
hakol yihyeh fan'an

Ken ani ravti im Steve Austin
venitzachti beshachmat ani kazeh gadol
ani af pa'am lo epol
hadod sheli zeh Moshe ani ochal ad shenich'nak
ani gadol veyesh li chaverim bamis'chak/bashaba"k
metah lanu kol haporah lachalom hazeh
lihyot lir'kod kan horah
kar menukar mesunvar
mehabazkei(?) hatechnologiah vehashir she'lo nigmar
shiru shir lashalom ki od lo me'uchar
haru'ach vehamayim adain omrim oto davar
vezeh koreh bediyuk achshav po
hakerach po nish'bar

Hakol yihyeh beseder
hakol yihyeh fan'an


Again I walk, again I flip my thoughts
I spin my eyes
and sit by the water
yes, he is iwth me now
in every place, in every situation
in the land of the honey, flowing with milk
tell me who's next in line, who's coming to the fight
and a swordsman should not boast to his neighbours
will a wolf live with a sheep
if he hits the target
the content again testifies, yes, again
testifies about the dough

Everything will be fine
everything will be fun

Yes, I fought with Steve Austin
and I won in chess, I'm that great
I will never fall
my uncle is Moses, I will eat until he chokes
I'm gerat and I have friends in the game/security service
each branch of this dream is dead to us
to be, to dance the hora here
cold recognizable blinded
from the bass key the technology & the song that never ends
sing a song for peace because it's not too late yet
the wind and the water still say the same thing
and this is happening exactly now and here
the ice is broken here

Everything will be fine
everything will be fun

Photo of Band & Hebrew words

Gilad Vital
Gilad Vital & Amit Carmeli
Shotei Han'vuah

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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