Holech, bederech lo derech
levakesh ahavatech
mah kashah darki venis'rechet
bid'mamah, lachashti et sh'mech
bachutz rak haru'ach badad meyalelet
mistor lo bikashti, lo emalet
kuli ga'agu'a, venaf'shi meyachelet
lachush et kismech hamelatef

Oho oho oho oho...

Esh begufi be'atzmotai
ahavatech ta'ir elai
et yamai veleilotai
et chayay un'tivotai

Mar yeini - oto el'gomah
mar sichi atbi'a bo
martefim - ya'idu ad kamah
mach'ovim chayay ravu.
Baderech elaich, nafshi lo yad'ati
karati bish'mech ve'ein oneh
vekol lo yadu'a, oleh min haderech
bechiyo shel tan hameyalel


I'm walking, on a path that's not a path
to ask for your love
oh how hard and twisted is my path
in silence, I whispered your name
outside only the wind is lonely howling
I didn't ask for a hiding place, I will not flee
all of me is yearning, and my soul is hoping
to feel your fondling magic

Oho oho oho oho...

There's a fire in my body, in my bones
your love will light up for me
my days and my nights
my life and my ways

The bitterness of my wine - I shall swallow
the bitterness of my shrub, I will sink in it
cellars - will attest how much
suffering my life was saturated with
On the way to you, I didn't know my soul
I called your name but there was no answer
and an unknown voice, rising from the path
the cry of a howling jackal

Hebrew words

Avraham Levi
Avichai Melichi

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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