Yom avar, ach lo kedai lehitz'taer
ki machar, yavo chadash yafeh yoter
yesh tzaroch, ach lo naz'kir otan achshav
shir aliz nashir
lechol over vashav

Erev tov, lechol ha'ohavim lashir
erev tov, lechol hapanasim ba'ir
erev tov, hofech kol zar
le'ish karov
erev tov, kore lir'kod vele'ehov

Kol od halev kore nigun bameitar
ein p'nai lehitlabet,
kol rega yakar
kol od atah kayam od lo me'uchar
bo sh'ma eich ha'olam ha'erev shar

Bo maher, ki erev zeh
od lo barach
im atah shome'a shir, itanu s'mach
mah na'im, lehitchabev al kol echad
ten kolcha, bashir
vegam tar'gish miyad


A day passed, but it's not worthwhile to regret
because tomorrow, a new, nicer one will come
there are troubles, but we won't mention them now
we'll sing a merry song
to those passing and returning

Good evening, to all who love to sing
good evening, to all the lanterns in town
good evening, each stranger turns
into a close person
good evening, calling to dance and to love

As long as the heart calls the string to a melody
there's no time to take pains,
each moment is dear
as long as you exist it is not too late yet
come listen how the world sings tonight

Come quick, because this evening
has not run away yet
if you hear a song, rejoice with us
how pleasant, to be liked by everyone
give your voice to a song
and you'll feel right away too

Hebrew words

Moshe Sachar
Yosef Hacohen
Aliza Azikri
Daliah Amihud
Amnon Sha'uli

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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