Shuv haeder noher
Bimvo'ot hakfar
Veolech haavak

Veharchek od tzemed inbalim
Melave et meshech batz'lalim

Erev ba, erev ba.....

Shuv haruach lochesh
Bein gidrot ganim
Uvtzameret habrosh
Kvar namot yonim

Veharchek al ketef hagvaot
Od noshkot, karnaim achronot
Erev ba, erev ba...

Shuv havered cholem
Chalomot balat
Uforchim kochavim
Bamaron at at

Veharchek, baemek ha'afel
Melave hatan et bo baleil
Layil rad, layil rad...


Again the flocks wander
along the village street
and the dust rises
from sandy paths.

And far away the bells
merge with the gathering shadows.

Evening falls, evening falls.

Again the wind whispers
amongst the garden fences
and from the tops of the cypress
the doves coo

And in the distance
the last rays of the sun caress the hilltops
Evening falls, evening falls.

Again the rose dreams
languorous dreams
and gradually on high
the stars begin to twinkle

And afar in the dark valley
the jackal accompanies the approach of night.
Night falls, night falls.

Hebrew words
Singable Italian   

Translation from "Bekol Ram" page 48
The Shiron of the Youth and Hechalutz Department of the WZO, Jerusalem. Year not specified.
Selected and prepared for publication by Uri Cohen and Zvi Ben-Porat
Please note: this volume is not available for purchase and only limited copies are available in libraries worldwide.

"il tocco dell'Ave Maria" (the bell stroke of the evening prayer) has no religous meaning: It is a somewhat free translation, indicating the sounds of the evening.
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Oded Avishar
Arieh Levanon
Shimon Bar and Aliza Kashi
Oshik Levi
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Yoav Ashriel 1960; Rivka Shturman 1960?

Words transliterated by Henry Lederfeind of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Words translated by Aura Levin Lipski of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Singable Italian translation by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel.
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Singable Italian


Il gregge se ne va su per il paese,
il contadino già torna dal maggese.
Porta su la polvere per via
il rintocco dell’Ave Maria
e pian pian, vien la sera.

Sussurra il vento e va, bussa all’ingresso
e la colomba già dorme sul cipresso.
Là sui colli un po’ di luce ancor:
bacia il sole con un raggio d’or
e pian pian, vien la sera.

La rosa dorme ormai, sogna al chiar di luna.
Le stelle, su nel ciel, sboccian, una ad una.
Nella valle cupa un ulular:
lo sciacallo chiama ad annunciar
che già scende la notte.

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