Ve'eich she'ani lo mistakel
Vezeh tamid mebalbel
Ve'eich tamid zeh gonev oti

Vehayamim kach ovrim
Vekvar ro'im bapanim
Et hashanim she'avru iti

Vezeh olam dei yahir
Hakol rak kesef mahir
Velif'amim zeh rodef oti

Bein mah nachon lo nachon
An'lo motzeh higayon
Bekol mah shekoreh s'vivi

Aval tamid kshe'ani tzolel el toch einayich
El hamatok shebisfatayich
Ken tamid, tamid
Ech'zor el zro'otayich
Ken el hachom shebeyadayich

Ve'eich zeh zaz bayamim
Velo marpeh bashanim
Velif'amim zeh dochef oti

Vehadvarim mishtanim
Al af kol mah shebifnim
El toch bdidut zeh gonev oti

Vebaleilot zeh rodef
Vebayamim zeh hodef
Vehanitzotz mesanver oti

Oi, oi ashlayah metukah
Od sheker mar mevi'ah
Kol kach tzarah hi havayati

Aval tamid...


And even as I don't look
And it's always confusing
And it always captures me

And the days pass so
And one can already see on my face
The years that passed with me

It's quite a conceited world
Everything is just fast money
And sometimes it chases me

Between right & wrong
I don't find logic
In everything that happens around me

But whenever I dive into your eyes
To the sweet of your lips
Yes, always, always
I'll come back in your arms
Yes, to the warmth in your hands
I'll be rescued...i'll be rescued...

And as it moves during the days
And doesn't leave me over the years
And sometimes it pushes me

And the things change
Despite all that's inside
Into loneliness, it captures me

And by night it hunts me
And by day it repels me
And the sparkle blinds me

Oh, oh a sweet illusion
Brings another bitter lie
My experience is so narrow

But whenever...

Hebrew words

Mosh Ben Ari
Mosh Ben Ari
Mosh Ben Ari
Masa Umatan (Go Giving / Negotiation) Track 5
Dudu Barzilay & Moti Menahem

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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