Mah ani oseh po biladayich,
ein li klum mil'vad ha'ahavah,
kol ha'erev mechayeg elayich,
at lo onah.

Histagarti li levad bacheder,
k'mo meshug'a holech mipo lesham,
hachayim ibdu kivun veseder...
ein li inyan.

Elohai, elohai elohim,
an'lo yode'a le'an.
Elohai, elohai elohim,
im titen li k'tzat zman.

Ha'orot kavim bachalonot,
anashim cholmim al hamachar,
lo yachol lishon rotzeh livkot,
atzuv li vekar.

Ufit'om tziltzul ve'at badelet,
mitnatzel omeret, mitnatzel,
at ahuvati ve'ein acheret,
dai l'arafel.


Rak itach elech, neshotet ba'olam
lo yode'a ech, lo yode'a le'an,
anagen lach shir azamzem pizmon,
at ahavati ad yomi ha'acharon.


What am I doing here without you,
I have nothing but the love,
the whole evening dialing you
but you don't answer.

I closed myself off alone in my room,
I walk from here to there like mad,
life has lost direction and order...
I have no interest.

My God, My God, Lord
I don't know where to
My God, My God, Lord
if you only give me some time.

Lights go out in the windows,
people are dreaming of tomorrow.
I can't sleep, I want to cry,
I'm sad and cold.

And suddenly a bell and you're at the door.
Apologize you say and I apologize.
You're my love and there's no other.
enough of the fog.

My God...

With only you I'll go, we'll roam the world.
I don't know how, I don't know where to.
I will play you a song, I will hum the chorus,
You are my love until my last day.

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Arkadi Duchin
Arkadi Duchin
Eyal Golan
V'ani Koreh Lach - And I'm Calling You Track 1
Benedict Ilan

Words translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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