Neshika rishona al mitzchech halavan
k'mo kesher be'emtzah dmutech umimena
yetz'u beshifat zohora neshikot
neshikot lis'arech koteret pninim
asuyah min'shikot
al shchor taltalaich amtir
shet'hi li yalda hayafa ban'sichot
hamushlemet bechol b'not ha'ir

Chorus (x2):
Elef neshikot lach ahuvati
Elef neshika uneshika
Elef neshikot lach chamudati
hayafah haktanah hametukah .

Vegam et tzavarech hashilgi habetuli
hagamish kmo tzavar habarbur
achase bin'shikot machrozot machrozot
yaldat mayim ktantonet sheli
ve'ata som asim et roshi al k'tefech
kdei limtzo bo et dofek halev
vegam stam neshikot bli ta'avah vetichla
kmo prachim mushlachim al kalah.

Chorus x2

Hashamaim einam be'ad einai hachot'ot
ve'eineni shote bach ad r'vot
ha'or eino be'ad sfatai hatme'ot
vechazi bi nitzrav lo ad klot
neshikat ha'elef einah efsharit ahuvah
chaserah neshikah achronah
rak t'sha meot tish'im veteisha neshikot
li soarot ohavot metukot
ubechol zot anashkech elef neshikot

Chorus x2


First kiss on your white forehead
like a bond in the middle of your figure
and from it come out in glowing abundance
of kisses to your hair
like a crown of pearls made of kisses
I will rain down on the ebony of your curls
that you'll be my beautiful girl
the perfect princess of all the girls in the city.

Chorus (x2):
A thousand kisses to you my love
a thousand a kiss and a kiss
a thousand kisses to you my cutie
beautiful little sweetie.

And also to your ivory white innocent neck
flexible like the neck of a swan
I will cover in chains of kisses
girl of (pure) water, my little one
and right now I'll just put my head on your shoulder
in order to find in it your heartbeat
and kisses for no reason too without lust or limit
like flowers thrown by a bride.

Chorus x2

The sky isn't in front of my sinful eyes
and I'm not indulging in you till I'm fully satisfied
The light isn't in front of my impure lips
and my chest is scorched until the end
thousandth kiss is not possible, love
the last kiss is missing
only 999
sweet thundering kisses
but still I'll kiss you a thousand kisses.

Chorus x2

Hebrew words

Mirit Shem Or
Tzvika Pik
Yehoram Gaon
Eleph Neshikot Track 1
Shlomo Bachar

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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