Lach sharti shirim lo me'at
im harbeh ahavah
velageshet elaich yashar ani met mibushah
kshe'anu levad ve'ein af echad
ani mitragesh megam'gem venif'am.

Lach sharti shirim gam beketzev shel tango sochef
lo he'azti lil'chosh be'oznech she'ani ohev
lo yashavnu yachdav be'erev shel stav
lachen lo yad'at ad kamah otach ohav.
lachen lo yad'ah adamah otach ohav.

Chalfu leilotai, tamu shirai
ach li yesh balev od tikvah
she'ulai yavo oto/kvar hayom
lo bachalom ve'eshak lach bechom.

Adameh/medameh li otach letzidi besimlah levanah
bil'chayaich hasomek hakal, at ko yafah
ve'im kvar karah elai at ponah
ani mitragesh megam'gem venif'am.

Al tafni li gabech na hashivi elai ahavah
bach abit be'einaim k'mehot, at ko shonah
lo yad'ati keitzad tihi li levad
ani ko nif'chad, bil'adaich lichyot la'ad.


I sang more than a few songs to you
with lots of love
and toget to you straight, I'm dying of shame
when we're alone and there's nobody
I get excited, stutter and become moved.

I sang songs to you in sweeping tango beat too
I didn't dare to whisper in your ear that I love you
we didn't sit together on an autumn eve
therefore I did not know just how much I'll love you.
therefore the Earth did not know just how much I'll love you.

Nights passed me, my songs ended
but I still have a hope in my heart
that perhaps that day may already come
not dreaming, and I'll kiss you with warmth.

I (will) picture you beside me in a white skirt
in your cheeks the light blush, you're so pretty
and if you're alreayd warm, you turn to me
I get excited, stutter and become moved.

Don't turn your back to me, return love to me please
I'll look at you with yearning eyes, you're so different
I did not know how you'll be mine alone
I'm so frightened, to live without you forever.

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Avihu Medinah
Avihu Medinah
Haim Moshe
Shimi Tavori

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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