Eineicha mesaprot mah over alecha
im atzuvim, kashim o yafim chayecha
or hachaim holech be'ikvoteicha
od tagshim kol mish'aloteicha.

Einecha mesaprot im atah ohev
im yesh belibcha (min) tza'ar o ke'ev
im hachaim kasheh lehitmoded
al tenaseh lehastir (et) ha'emet.

Ki eineicha achi kvar omrot hakol
otcha lo tzarich afilu lish'ol
ki einecha achi omrot hakol
atah menaseh ach lo yachol
... uvashamaim yoshev hakol yachol.

Einecha mesaprot et sipur chayeicha
im rak tikra ani avo elecha
tamid ezkor et chesed ne'urecha
al tevakesh rachem lo tamu tikvoteicha.

Ki eineicha achi kvar omrot hakol...

Eineicha mesaprot mah over alecha
Elokim yishlach brachah bema'asecha
keren or shuv ta'ir dracheicha
kol hachaim od lefaneicha.


Your eyes tell what's going on with you
if your life is sad, hard or nice
the light of life goes in your footsteps
you will yet make your wishes happen.

Your eyes tell if you love,
if there's sorrow or pain in your heart
if life is hard to withstand
don't try to hide the truth.

For your eyes already tell (it) all, bro
you don't even need to be asked
For your eyes tell (it) all, bro
you try but aren't able to
... and in the heavens sits the Omnipotent one.

Your eyes tell the story of your life
if you call I will come to you
I'll always remember the charity of your youth
don't ask for mercy your hopes did not wonder.

For your eyes already tell (it) all, bro...

Your eyes tell what's going on with you
God will send a blessing in your deeds
a ray of light will again light up your paths
all of life is still in front of you.

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David Chalfon
Avichai Melichi
Eyal Golan
Without You / Bil'adaich Track 4

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