Choshev rak al hazman she’avar
Ani levadi bamitah
Ha’or basalon lo dolek lo kvar
Ein kmatim basadin lidmutah

Hachoref male bega’agu’im
Ani mitbonen bli no’a
Vechol hashirim bi lo regu’im
Hageshem mamshich od lidmo’a
Hachoref male bega’agu’im
Oti me’ayem livlo’a
Eich kol hashirim bake’ev nog’im
Ki ein af achat kamo’ha

Ve’ish elai kvar lo mitkarev
Ani lo tzarich af echad
Rotze rak litbo’a beyam soref
Shuv lilmod eich lalechet levad

Hachoref male bega’agu’im.....

Masa aroch, ein sof tachanot
Hakol mitmoses im hasher
Kol hayitronot, kol hachesronot
Mash’irim oti shuv bli avir

Hachoref male bega’agu’im....

Ani kvar mevin
Aval letzidi
Ein af achat


Thinking only about time that has passed
I'm alone in bed
The light in the lounge room is not on anymore
No wrinkles of her shape in the sheet

Winter is full of longing
I watch without moving
All the songs in me are restless
The rain keeps on tearing
Winter is full of longing
Threatens to swallow me
All the songs touch the pain
Because there is no one like her

No one gets close to me
I don’t need any one
Just want to drown in the burning sea
Learn to walk alone again

Winter is full of longing.....

Long journey, endless stations
It all dissolves with the song
All the advantages and disadvantages
Leave me gasping for air

Winter is full of longing.....

I now understand
But alongside with me
There is no one

ŕéď ŕó ŕçú ëîĺä

Hebrew words

Danny Robas
Matti Caspi
Matti Caspi
Gadi Bitton

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Translated for Gadi Bitton, HORA Israeli Dancing School, Melbourne, Australia, Camp 2016
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