La'azazel eich lo yada'ati
Lehabit yashar letoch hashemesh
Lishmor al ha'isha she'ahavti
Gam acharey layla echad
Hayiti met misakranut kvar
Lada'at kol sof shel sipur kvar
Al ze hayita az omer
Chake besavlanut batzad

La'azazel olam politi
Amart li kshelo ra'iti
Achzariyut bilti nisbelet
Tipesh tzochek bizman hasof
Lo lo tihye shuv pa'am acheret
Lachasht li be'emtza haseret
Nashim ya'asu lecha tzarot
Gvarim lo ya'asu lecha cheshbon

Az lif'amim ata chaser li
Ahuv lerega o lishnayim
Velif'amim kshe'ata medaber iti
Be'emtza layla bli kochav
Ani ohev kshe'ata omer li
Itcha ba'esh itach bamayim
Bo nachazik et ha'ahava beko'ah
Kdey she'af pa'am lo tivrach

La'azazel eich lo yada'ati
Al ma nilchamti bach kmo yeled
Bisde hate'ufa nirdamti
Bera'ash shel hametosim
Hamilchama shel hafanatim
Harga lanu et kol hasheket
Al ze hayita az omer
Im tilachem basof tafsid

Az lif'amim .....

La'azazel eich lo yada'ati
Letaken t'pancher kshenitka'ati
Shuv hityasahvti mul hashemesh
Mabit be'eney ha'anashim
La'azazel shuv lo yada'ati
Pit'om shama'ati otcha omer
Al tityaesh pashut tamshich

Ken lif'amim ata chaser li.....


Damn it how come I didn't know
To look straight into the sun
To look after the woman i loved
Even after one night only
I was dying of curiosity
To know every end to the story
You would have said on that
Wait patiently on the side

Damn it a political world
You told me when I didn't see
Unbearable cruelty
A fool laughs at the end
There will never be another time
You whispered in the middle of the movie
Women will put you in trouble
Men will take revenge

So sometimes I miss you
My love for a moment or two
And some times when you talk to me
In the middle of the night without a star
I love it when you say to me
I am with you in fire and water
Let's hold love with all our strength
So it will never run away

Damn it how come I didn't know
Why did I fight you like a kid
I fell asleep in the air port
To the planes noise
The fanatics war
Killed all the quite
On that you would have said
If you fight you will lose in the end

So sometimes....

Damn it how come I didn't know
To fix the flat tyre when I got stuck
I set again in the sun
Looking in peoples eyes
Damn it again I didn't know
Suddenly I heard you saying
Don't give up just continue

Yes sometimes I miss you....

Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Shfuyim Track 5
Rafi Ziv

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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