K'shehalacht od hageshem yarad
va'ani mevul'bal lo hevanti
eich halachnu lishon ke'echad
aval kamnu k'mo shnei olamot
bachalon dma'ot shel geshem
be'einaich yavesh ve'atzuv
lo bachit big'lali afilu dakah
vezeh bich'lal lo chashuv

Eich efshar, eich efshar
bli sibah pit'om lalechet
habayit nish'ar kinor bli meitar
k'mo shir meyutar

Hasha'on metak'tek k'mo hasuf
hu yode'a bediyuk eich lalechet
rak ani me'abed kol kivun
beveiti shehafach lemavoch
lo nisit lehachin shum shetach
ufit'om po naflah hap'tzatzah
bechayay shehikarti heitev ad hayom
hafchu rechov bli motza

Eich efshar, eich efshar...


When you left, it was still raining
and I'm confused, I didn't understand
how we went to sleep as one
but we woke up like two worlds
in the window there are tears of rain
in your eyes it is dry and sad
you didn't cry because of me even a minute
but that doesn't matter at all

How is it possible, how can it be
to suddenly go without a reason
the house is left as a stringless violin
like a redundant song

The clock ticks like reed
it knows exactly how to go
only I lose all direction
in my house which turned into a maze
you did not try to create any space
and suddenly the bomb fell here
my life which I knew well until today
turned into a street with no exit

How is it possible, how can it be...

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Michal Chazon
Shlomo Meyusaf
Ron Shoval

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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